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Kamis, 04 Oktober 2012

Just Apple As The Race Prize

           Hi all! Welcome! This is about New York City. This is an usual report, it's made by me. Enjoy to read :). This is it....
New York as The Big Apple
           New York is the most populous city in the United States of America.  This city is very famous in the world, especially in the European continent. This town is also very unique, so it has many nicknames from other countries. For example, New York isThe Big Apple.” There is only one big apple in the world and it’s named New York City.
            Since 1920, New York has started to be called “The Big Apple.” In the past, this name was popularized by a jurnalist who is named John.J.Fitz.Gerald. This city starts to be seen by the other countries since that name has been very popular.
            This name comes from a big race in New York. This competition is very popular in the world and it has a very big race track for the race. Many countries around the world come to this place only to join this competition. Because of this race is very prestigious, many people that came to this race don’t think about the prize. They don’t care about that. So, a day in the past, New York just served an apple for the winner of this race. It made the winner so surprised and remembered about it for long time. After that amazing moment, New York starts to be called “The Big Apple.”
            Some people have also their opinions about the nickname of New York, especially for “The Big Apple.” In the past, some people said that this nickname came from a jazz musician who called his stage in New York as the big apple. Others said that New York is called like that because of many things in New York is named with the same word. That word is apple. So, this city is called as the big apple, a “big” word is also added as the nickname because this city is very big, like a mother of the apple children in this city.
            This city has also other names, like “Gotham City” and “The City That Never Sleeps.“ Gotham city means Batman’s city. New York is called like that because the ilustration of the city the Batman film is almost same with the condition of New York city. It’s very amazing, unbelievable, and looked like in the film. So, many people around this continent come to New York to feel the atmosphere of this Gotham city.
            “The City That Never Sleeps” is also a nickname of New York city. It’s called like that because of many reasons. The activities in this town are very hectic and looked like never stop. People are always looked along the roads in the city of New York even at night. So, the activities in New York are prodigious and always be held all day. The lights in this city also never go out. It makes this city is looked very bright and lively. So, because of those reasons, now this city is called as the city that never sleeps.
            Now, this city is very famous in the world. It has many nicknames, full of amazing things, and also one of the biggest cities in the world. One hundred words are not enough to describe this city.

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