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Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Simple Definitions About Hepatitis B

Final Project in Regina Pacis by Christine.T
Hepatitis B is an infectious illness caused by hepatitis B virus  (HBV) which infects the liver of hominoidea , including humans , and causes an inflamation called hepatitis.
            This illness is very dangerous and popular in Asia  and Africa.More than 200 billions person had been infected by HBV and all of them are source of this illness.
1.    Hepatitis B is caused by:
-Poisoned with chemicals.
Liver is a refiner of chemicals in human’s body. If it’s refining too many chemicals, the liver will be damaged and inflammed.
->Hepatitis B virus.
            This kind of virus  is free to fly on the sky. Many people can be perched by this virus. If the virus had perched on your body, your antibody must beat them or you will be infected by it.
->Blood Contact
            This illness can infect other people by blood contact , like from blood transfution. Using the same privacy things can also cause us to be infected , like using toothbrush , nail clipper , and injection needle , which may contain some tears of blood or body fluid with HBV.

->The baby can be infected by their mother because of the blood relation and the couples can also be infected by this  virus because of their sexual
activity like kissing , etc.

2.    Hepatitis B has many kinds of symptoms but I decided it into 2 big grups. There are weak and strong symtoms.
->Weak symptoms
            These symptoms are very usual and some of them are difficult to be seen. It’s naturally for me,because these symptoms like nausea,fever , loss of appetide and weight , ect. So this kind of symtoms don’t always notice by people in the world.

->Strong symtoms.
            They like feel bad or ill on the top of your stomach and jaundice. Jaundice is a very spesific and very bad symptoms.Your skin will be more yellow than usual.And also,your sklera <The white part of your eyes>will be yellow.

3.    This illness has two dangerous effects.There are:
->Liver Cirrhosis
            In this effect ,you will feel so bad.Your liver will like in the picture.Your liver will be fulfilled by the holes and become darker.
->Liver Cancer
            This effect can be found in many liver problems,especially in Hepatitis B. This effect is very extreme and can also make you lose your hope.In this effect,your stomact will swell very big and you can only wait for your die or prolong your life for some moment .

->In some case of Hepatitis B,Hepatitis B can also transformed to Hepatitis C which more dangerous than Hepatitis B.

4.    So,if you don’t want to be infected,you must do these prevention.
-> Healthy Life
            Protect your healthy life with do sports , eat the healthy foods and strengthen your antibody.If your antibody is very strong,you can easily beat the viruses like that.So the virus will be a loser and you will be the winner.
            Now,the vaccine of Hepatitis B is available in many places in the world. With this vaccination, you will be more protected from this virus for a long time.But to do this vaccination,you must be healthy and have a strong antibody to beat this vaccine (The virus which had been weaken).
5.    But if you had been infected,I will give you some treatments to cure your illness.These are it.
            This therapy is not good for your health because you will be injected with so many kinds of medicine which make your body fulls of chemicals from your medicine.Some of them have side effects like fever,depression,and blood clotting.So you must think for many times to choose this way.
->Properly Traditional Treatment
Some people in the world had tried this treatment and they had succeed.These are some of the herbal and traditional treatment like drinks the concoction of ginger,and saffron everyday; drinks a cup of goat milk every morning ; eats many sea cucumbers which contain many collagen to regeneration your liver cells faster than usual.
Be healthy and strong like the army,so you can't be infected by many kinds of virus

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