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Sabtu, 10 November 2012

The Reborning Tine

     Hey guys hha welcome back again! Now I'm not the ordinary Christine! I have born again and be a new woman with new feeling and heart! I have learned many things yesterday and today... I read many post and I have been crying when I read some of them... Yes especially when I read Richard's post... I think his post has changed many people, included himself and I... 
     His blog is http://ichadthinksmart.blogspot.com/ ... You must read this and learn the lessons of his life... I'm sure... He is liked a motivator for me... He can change my life..Yeah he is my teacher... He has taught me many things about the real life .
      Not as others, I look him as an ordinary boy with an extraordinary life. Yes, I'm not interested in him because he is handsome or anything in OLAHO ( yeah this is a drama musical which is made by my school, Regina Pacis Senior High School.... One last hope is the full name and I'm interested at this drama musical enough. Sorry, because I've never written about that in my blog...), I'm just surprised because of his life which I've never thought.
       Do you remember my post sometimes ago? This post is very long (Yeah as my other post sih hha) and I wrote that with some tears... Nobody is perfect... Yeah I think my mind is very wrong yesterday and I've thought in a wrong way. Yeah I got angry yesterday and I judge many people who shouldn't be given some score by me. It's not my knit and I think that is your way to be almost perfect...
         Where is the post? Yeah I have changed it to be a draft again. I'm afraid you will be bored to see my long story everyday... Yeah I'm the foolish person in this world but I'm so lucky because I can find many people who stonger than me and can teach me to be stong like them... Okay, may be their problems aren't as hard as mine  but I love them as my teacher... Also Clairine in this blog.... http://doubleclaire.blogspot.com/ Yeah she is also very stong.... She can defeat her emotion and all of her angry feeling and still patient and smile to all people... I hope that I can be as strong as Richard and Clairine.... Broken hearts but Beautiful smile on their lips everyday... They are so amazing! They are the great leaders in the future...
   Also my friend, Devi in http://depimomo.blogspot.com/ and  http://chaosatschool.wordpress.com/   ...... Yeah she is very nice and so patient.... I want to be patient like her... In my past I can be so patient but now why I can't? Hmm I think this is the wheel of life hha....
        It's okay I lose him (you can know that by yourself) because he changes to be a monster but I have one person who is very funny and can make me smile everyday... Now I thank God because I have many kind friends, especially someone who can make me feel like in the dreamland... Yeah you can guess who is he or she hhe..
         So this is all of my english post hha... Sorry if I had written some wrong words or maybe some mistakes in grammar hha.. Thanks all because you make my life to be more valuable than before because you want to read my stupid post hha... Btw I will post Nobody is perfect anymore because I think it's my knit to post anything because this blog is also my diary... Thanks all... I love you!! :D Welcome to the new Christine... Now Christine will be better than before.... Christine will study everyday to be better than before hha... Bye all

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