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Minggu, 04 November 2012

Something which you need to know

For all negative things i have to say to ourselves, GOD has a positive answer for it!

I say : It impossible
God says : All things are possible

I say : Nobody really loves me
God says : I love you

I say : I can't go on
God says : My grace is sufficient

I say : I can't figure things out
God says : I will direct your steps

I say : I can't do it
God says : You can do all things

I say : I'm not able
God says : I am able

I say : It's not worth it
God says : It will be worth it

I say : I can't forgive myself
God says : I forgive you

I say : I can't manage
God says : I will supply all you needs

I say : I'm afraid
God says : I have not given you a spirit of fear

I say : I'm always worried and frustrated
God says : Cast all your cares on Me

I say : I don't have enough faith
God says : I've given everyone a measure of faith

I say : I'm not smart enough
God says : I will give you wisdom

I say : I feel alone
God says : I will never leave or forsake you

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