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Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

My School Memorable Experiences

            Plasma competition has been a tradition in Regina Pacis. Plasma competition stands for research training and competition for high school students. This competition is an annual event which is hold by the student research unit at Atma Jaya Catholic University. 

            Every year, this event trains a big number of high school students from numerous schools in Jabodetabek, Indonesia and then holds a research competition where Regina Pacis was the winner of this competition last year. Last year, Regina Pacis had only sent 2 groups for this competition, but this year Regina Pacis was sent 3 groups to this Atma Jaya Chatolic University. Every group consisted of three people and one of them was come from the tenth-grade student in Regina Pacis Senior High School. His name is Michael Loenardi.
              He was new competitor in Plasma competition and he was very happy because of that new experience. Other contestant from Regina Pacis also feels happy liked Loenardi. She is the eleventh-grade student named Chaterine. She said that she was very happy because she could know about the theory of research until the implementation of the research and during the research process, she could meet many new people, could get new experiences, and could start to think critically. When she did the presentation, she also felt that she had to be brave. So, all of them had been a lesson for her.

First group from my school, they are Michael Loenardi (Left) ,Shellyana Cindy (Center) ,Cynthia(Right)

               Beside of those things, not unexpectedly, this year’s event was bigger than last year. Atma Jaya had more sponsors, bigger prizes, and more participants this year. The same thing is about the time table for the whole event. It wasn’t much different than last year.
               This event was still celebrated in 3 times of meeting. First meeting was held for seminar and technical meeting, second meeting for presentation, and the last meeting for other seminar and announcement of the winners, but one rule of this competition was different than last year. Last year, every participant had their turns for presentation, but this year the teams would be divided into two blocks, so two teams would present at the same time, each in the different rooms.

               Unfortunately in this bigger event, Regina Pacis couldn’t be the winner again this year. They only could be included in the eight winners. It was a bad experience for them, but this failure can break their spirit. They want to follow this competition again next year. This failure will be a lesson to be better next time. So keep fighting, be better, and do not despair!

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