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Senin, 11 Maret 2013

Better Life in Modern Life


Long Life

How to make people live a longer life ?

1.      People must keep away from unhealthy food.
2.      We need to do exercise daily.
3.      People have to find their emotional balance.
4.      We should improve our sleep quality.

To make people live a longer life is so easy. You just need to do those four steps.
The Secrets of Long Life
Presently, many people in the world can die in every seconds and they can die in young age as a teenager or a child. It can caused by many things, like illness and accident. It’s very frightening for human’s life. So, what can we do now ? We need to do something to make people live a longer life. We can start this change by keep away from unhealthy food, do exercise daily, find our emotional balance, and improve our sleep quality.
First, we must keep away from unhealthy food, like junk food and instant noodle. You need to eat well. Eat the healthy foods and  chew it approximately 32 times. You also need to avoid the late night snacks because it contains unnecessary calories and can disrupt your sleep. Steady eating pattern can make your body feel more comfortable.
Junk food and another unhealthy foods aren't good for your body. They contains hazardous chemicals which can make your health becomes worse. It can poison your body and break your vital organs, like liver and kidney. Those foods also don't contain nutrients that can improve your metabolism. They don't contain fiber and just contain toxic.
You should eat foods which contain many fiber and vitamins like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. It can help your growth process and protect your body from virus and bacteria which cause an illness.
And to maintain your body shape , you don’t need to do a crash diet. You always need to eat. Because your energy is coming from your food, especially from carbohidrat in your bread or rice. So, if you want to do diet, you need to still eat, but may be in the smaller size.
Second step is do exercise daily. It’s very useful for your body. Exercise daily or if not twice until thrice a week will increase your metabolic quality and make you feel fresh the whole week. Even an activities as minor as walking briskly for twenty to thirty minutes every day can improve your immune system by increasing your antibody. It can also help you to burn and change your foods to be an energy for your daily activities.
After all of that, you can also improve your sleep quality to make your body has a good condition every day. When you sleep, your body produces new cells which will fight infection, inflammation, and stress. It means that sleep deprivation not only makes you more prone to getting sick, but also increases the time you need to recover from illness. You also need to have a good quality for your sleep. You should sleep in the peaceful condition, don’t think about anything which makes you feel stress. If you keep thinking about your problems, you will wake up in a really tired condition and your sleep won't be useful anymore.
 There is one step more to make you can live a longer life. You must find your emotional balance. Even if you master every other aspect of health, it won’t be complete if you’re suffering from inner turmoil. If you had a bad experience and you want to forget it for a while, you can do these small things like smile and give alms to the poor people. They can make your feeling becomes better. If the problem extends deeper, you may need to learn to overcome the emotional pain or even the depression. Your broken heart must be cured quickly, because the physical health is also determined by your feeling.
Those are the steps to live a longer life. Hope it can be useful for you ! As the inference of this article, we can say that to make people live a longer life is so easy. We just need to do the four steps above. We just need to do some sport as daily exercise, maintain our foods intake, improve our sleep quality, and be happy in this life, because we just have one life in the world. So, be healthy and live a longer life ! Love your life !

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